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Fall and Spring Check-ups for $ 85 only!

Just like our car needs oil changes every 3000 miles, our Air Conditioning system needs a check-up twice a year in the Spring and Fall to operate safely and efficiently.  This will reduce expenses in the long-term for repairs and avoid water leaks through your ceiling. The check-up is $85 per system and $45 for each additional system in the same address. 

In the Spring (March thru April), we check thoroughly the following:

Inspect evaporator coil for freon leak & cleanliness
Check all air ducts
Primary & secondary drain pans
Drain lines for proper drainage
Air leaks in ducts and plenum
Intake air filters and thermostat  
Blower motor for proper function & cleanliness
Compressor for any freon leaks
Condenser coil for leaks & cleanliness
High-and low-voltage power lines to the unit
Inspect normal functioning of all components
Check freon pressures and more

In the Fall (October thru January):

we check the gas furnace, which includes the blower motor and blower wheel, gas valve, gas connections for any gas leaks, heat exchanger, flame, flue pipe, air leaks, thermostat, and more.
We are licensed to sell all types of Air Conditioning and Heating brands.

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